Steps To Quit Smoking And Drinking

Alcohol consumption and smoking are two major causes of health problems in you. With long term use, you will experience heart disease, respiratory problems, cancer and even depression. Unlike before, nowadays many organizations and governments have taken steps to reduce drinking and smoking, especially among youngsters however the number of users is still increasing. So if you have decided on bringing to a halt your bad habits, it is commendable. However, now the hard part starts. The journey is truly difficult however it is completely worth it, so here are some steps to follow.


  • Commit to quit
    Waking on a morning and thinking you will stop it but then starting off again the next day is no use. It will only waste your time and also make you feel horrible of yourself, seeing how you cannot commit. So, you need to really prepare to commit. It will help if you write down all what you’ve lost due to your bad habits. For example, it could be your job, health, relationship, family etc. Think of the worst situations you’ve put yourself into due to your bad habits. Do you want to go back there? Not really. So firmly make up your mind to stop. Try to avoid any triggers such as an argument with your spouse or boredom etc. If you are bored, join dance classes or fitness classes Bokarina; not take a drink. You cannot stop at once so set realistic goals. If you usually had 5 cigarettes a day, bring it down to 2 and then lower it to 5 a week etc. Gradually you will be able to stop.
  • Cope with cravings
    It is natural that you crave for a cigarette or drink during hard times; however you need to stick to your commitment. You can deviate your mind by engaging in things that interest you. For example, read a book, dance, jog, go hiking; the list is endless. Cravings can come up anytime so have an option in mind. You can join a 24 hour gym Warana so that whatever time you feel like, you can go workout.
  • Prepare for change
    To ensure your change is effective, you need to prepare for it. Dispose all substances that will tempt you; throw away the cigarettes, alcohol, shot glasses, lighter or flask. Ask your family to support you by keeping the house alcohol and cigarette free. Avoid people and places that are under the influence. They might be your friends however you need to tell them that you are planning to stop and hopefully they will support you too. You can even encourage another friend to stop with you so that you two can motivate each other. It is always better to have someone than do this alone.

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